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Information for interested schools (Age of students between 6-12 years) / Information für intressierte Schulen (Alter der Schüler/innen zwischen 6-12 Jahren)
Start: April 15th, 2024 End: July 14th, 2024

Ihre Schule ist an einer Teilnahme an Teaching in Styria für das Schuljahr 2024/25 interessiert? Schreiben Sie uns gerne eine Mail. Die Anmeldephase hat bereits begonnen.







An initiative of  Werner Amon MBA, State Minister of European-, International Affairs, Education and Human Resources, President of the Board of Education Styria

What is it about?

Are you interested in gaining insights into the challenges and potentials of intercultural teaching, expanding your knowledge of the Austrian school system and its cultural contexts, and acquiring practical work experience by teaching in an Austrian primary or secondary school in Styria?

We offer

teaching assistantship periods in selected Styrian primary and secondary schools, through specific programmes, such as Erasmus+ and others.

Accompanying support measures in cooperation with local partners

- German Language Courses
- Events and Courses with an Intercultural Focus
- Workshops on Multilingualism and Linguistic Diversity
- Graz International Summer School Seggau (June 6-July 13, 2024) as a certified teaching course

Target group

- Internationally orientated and highly motivated students and trainees in educational programs
- Recently graduated teachers, interested in enriching their studies by an international teaching experience in Styria

How it works

After a successful application, participants will receive a teaching assistantship and be assigned to a primary or secondary school in Styria. Throughout the programme, the Directorate of Education of the Styrian Government will provide support both on a practical as well as on a content level. Through the partner institutions involved, an introduction to the Austrian school system and its regional Styrian aspects, language instruction, as well as courses on education and pedagogy will be offered. Webinars as well as participation in the Graz International Summer School Seggau will ensure a successful experience. An extensive debriefing session will be part of this unique programme and will provide a basis for reflection on the past experiences as an outlook on possible future teaching opportunities.

Good reasons to apply

teaching experience via Erasmus+ or other programmes

  • 6 ECTS after successful completion of the Graz International Summer Schools Seggau
  • Recognition of the internship at the home institution
  • Improving skills in German, intercultural communication, and teaching
  • Participation in educational programs and discussions
  • Networking opportunities with teachers and students in education
  • Becoming part of the Styrian teaching community

What you need to know about Steiermark…

Steiermark – the Green Heart of Austria

Steiermark is not only the most popular holiday destination for Austrians but is also known as an attractive travel destination far beyond its borders.

Scenic diversity, that ranges from the glacier on the Dachstein to Graz and into the wine country. Globally active companies in the fields of industry, science, technology, and research.
An intact environment, safety, affordable housing and living. And secure employment opportunities for a good work-life balance. All that and more make Steiermark a particularly great place to live. And yet, Steiermark does not just impress with its beautiful landscapes and culturally rich experiences, but also with excellent working conditions, a well-developed infrastructure, highgrade education, and top healthcare facilities.

The Green Heart of Austria is also best known for its outstanding educational landscape. All these factors combined make Steiermark a well-rounded place to live, work and learn.



"Getting to know other cultures and languages is always enriching. It is my goal to attract people to our education system in Styria on an international level as well and I am convinced that teachers, students and pupils will learn a lot from each other."


Werner Amon, MBA

State Minister of European-, International Affairs, Education and Human Resources, President of the Board of Education Styria









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